Hyaluron 3 - ultimate concentrate
Inhalt: 30ml

Hyaluron 3 - the ultimate concentrate with an innovative 3-step hyaluron complex and anti-wrinkle peptides for a smooth and visibly firmer skin.

Magic Wrinkle Stop

Our anti-wrinkle concentrate contains wrinkle reducing extracts and peptides for a fast, immediately visible and long-lasting lifting effect


PURE PEPTIDES - Collagen build-up and anti-wrinkle effect due to the triple peptide complex and the herbal anti-wrinkle active ingredient of paracress.

Shining Star- niacinamid concentrate

Shining Star - niacinamide (vitamin B3) super concentrate (12%) for a visibly smoothed skin texture and a radiant complexion, refines pores and helps against impure skin.

Youth Wonder

Anti-aging collagen building concentrate with powerful anti-wrinkle peptides against skin sagging, to reduce wrinkles and to support skin tightening