Wonder Pearls Mineral GLOW

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NEW ! Get the GLOW! Wonder Pearls Mineral-Make Up GLOW and High-Lighter

This luxurios and silky Mineral Make-Up GLOW from Age Attraction is setting new High-Lights in the area of checks, below the brows, chin and bridge while it provides the skin a luxurios finish.

Age Attraction Wonder Pearls Mineral Make-Up GLOW makes your skin complexion looking shiny with a natural GLOW-effect !

Age Attraction Wonder Pearls Mineral-Make-Up GLOW is suitable for each type of skin.

The Mineral GLOW can be ordered in the tester package within the Test-Set (3 colours). 

Puder Tester 11 8 16

Dierection of use

The Age Attraction Mineral Make-Up GLOW is not applied like rouge which is directly applied on the chops - yet but it is applied with a large brush obove the checkbones - for a more luxurios complexion you can lightly apply on the forehead, the bridge and chin.

Ingredients (INCI)

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