Hyaluron 3 Serum

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Hyaluronic Acid 3 for more plumpness & fewer wrinkles

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of our skin and primarily responsible for its look of youthfulness. The amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin gradually decreases with age. At around 40 years it will have dropped to 50% and at 60 years, only 10% of it remain compared to young skin.

Triple Complex Hyaluronic Acid 3

The new triple complex contains high-, mid- and low-molecular hyaluronic acid which moisturizes and stimulates your skin’s upper layers while regenerating and firming the deeper texture. The low-molecular acid can penetrate deeply into your skin to improve its firmness from within.

Key Ingredients How it works
Sodium Hyaluronate Hyaluronic acid 3 complex improves and tightens the skin texture.
Saccharide Isomerate Plant based ingredient - multi active moisturizer.
Phantenol Provitamin B5 works stimulating, moisturizing and supports healing.

Direction for use

Apply a single drop of HYALURONIC ACID 3 onto your moistened fingers and gently work into your cleansed facial skin.

For best effects, combine with our YOUTHING ELIXIR or one of our serums, such as MAGIC WRINKLE STOP or YOUTH WONDER.

Ingredients (INCI)

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Saccharide Isomerate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate, Caprylyl Glycol, Caprylohydroxamic Acid, Citric Acid
Age Attraction products are free from parabens, paraffin oils, vaseline, silicone fluid, colourings, synthetic perfume oils / volatile fragrances and animal raw materials.

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Monday, 28 December 2015
Bin begeistert. Habe zum ersten Mal hier bestellt und kann schon nach wenigen Tagen sehen, wie sich meine Haut positiv verändert. Werde sicher nachbestellen.
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Monday, 07 July 2014
Liebes AgeAttraction Team, ich bin von Ihrem Hyaluron total begeistert. Ich hatte schon viele Hyaluron Produkte aber das ist sensati Ich empfehle Sie gerne weiter!! Herzliche Grüße aus dem hohen Norden.