Vitamin B- Komplex

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Vitamin B Complex - regeneration solution

Vitamin B - What it does

Vitamin B helkps to improve the skin texture by accelerating the lipid synthesis and to restore the skin’s natural barrier. Vitamin B is an important component of the skin. It supports and accelerates the formation of the skin cells in the underlying epidermis layer. Vitamin B has shows an excellent moisturizing effect and can be properly absorbed by the skin. It has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin B also stimulates the skin respiration and helps to normalize the skin functions.

How it works

Vitamin B is elementary to several skin functions and supplies the generation of new skin cells and helps to restore the natural skin barrier. Vitamin B supports the skin circulation and regulation of skin functions and plays an essential role in the energy metabolism in the living cell. Vitamin B is also anti-inflammatory.

For which treatment 

You may add the Vitamin B regeration solution to boost your skin care treatment for anti-aging, skin regeneration, treatment of wrinkles, irritated, dry, flaked or reddend skin. 

Special tip - meso-ampoules extra boost

Please note our Age Attraction serums are already comparably rich in active ingredients covering almost everything you need for your daily skin care regime. However, if you want to achieve a bit more against the aging process, i.e. with first appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin texture, then you might consider taking your extra boost to your skin care regime helping to keep your skin looking gorgeous, healthy and young for a longer time. 

Enjoy this powerful regeneration ampoule which can be used either directly or be mixed with one of our serums to further boost our daily skincare and make it perfect to your desire.

Direction of use

Apply the ampoule after cleansing and before using a serum or cream.

Our recommendation:

You can mix the ampoule with one of our serums, i.e. Vitamin C Elixir or our Hyaluronic acid 3 complex, and apply evenly.

Ingredients (INCI)


All ampoules are free from preservatives and free from perfumes.

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