Amino Skin Balance & Repair

Amino Skin Balance Nahrungsergänzung für Haut, Haare und Nägel

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Beta-Hydroxy Peeling 12%

Beta-Hydroxy-Peeling 12% - porenverfeinernde Tiefenreinigung.

Beta-Hydroxy Peeling 6%

Beta-Hydroxy-Peeling 6% - porenverfeinernde Tiefenreinigung.

Diamond Dream

Diamond Dream - luxurious cream with silk, snow algae, hyaluronic acid and retinol compose an unique and effective blend against the signs of aging.

Erfrischungsmaske Miracle Mask

Anti-Aging Feuchtigkeits-Maske mit Anti-Falten-Peptiden und straffenden Extrakten aus der Lotusblume sorgen für ein angenehmes Hautgefühl mit Lifting-Effekt.

Mystic Fruits

Exquisite moisturizing cream with vitamins A and E, lotus cell water, pomegranate, hyaluron, cranberry and coenzyme Q-10 for protection, care and effective anti-aging.

PURE FACE Reinigungsschaum

PURE FACE - milder Reinigungsschaum

Shining Star- niacinamid concentrate

Shining Star - niacinamide (vitamin B3) super concentrate (12%) for a visibly smoothed skin texture and a radiant complexion, refines pores and helps against impure skin.

Vitamin B Elixier

Vitamin B Elixir - for skin strengthening, regeneration and radiance

Vitamin C Elixier

Vitamin C Elixir with apple stem cells and the anti-wrinkle active ingredient Argireline for effective anti-aging and a visible tightening of the skin

Vitamin Cream Vit A-C-E

Anti-aging vitamin cream with vitamin complex A, C and E for skin rejuvenation and effective anti-aging, protection and care for the skin

Youth Wonder

Anti-aging collagen building concentrate with powerful anti-wrinkle peptides against skin sagging, to reduce wrinkles and to support skin tightening